hi my name is ashlyn!

iced coffee, mountains, & spicy chicken sandwiches

that is what makes me tick

I have been interested in photography since I was about 13-14, doing portraits with my iPod and my little Kodak camera. I have been taking clients since I was about 16 years old, and the rest is history!

I am a Dutch Bros lover, Chick-fil-A Spicy Sandwich connoisseur, and I have the cutest little Jack Russell pup ever (non-debatable)

I will be going on maternity leave starting October 1st 2023! I will be back in 2024 for local sessions! I will announce when I am back open to travel.

In the meantime, I am offering a 20% discount on senior packages for everyone who pre-books (& pays the 50% non-refundable deposit) for March through May!

This is me and my lovely hubby, Josh. He puts up with all my shenanigans like a CHAMP.
Our daughter!!! the best part of 2023
doc, the goodest boy

I have quite the heart for the outdoors and travel. I think it all started with my first trip to Yellowstone as a child. My family used to go to Colorado every other summer for family reunions, and from there we would go on to Yellowstone. I ended up working in the park at Grant Village in 2017. The first time I was there all alone. Just me and the wilderness. I really got to soak it all in and take my time exploring the places that made my heart pump a little harder and made the hair on my neck stand up. There is something magical about a place so majestic that it has that effect on a person. How perfect it would be to be married with the ones closest to you in a place like that?! My husband and I traveled to Glacier National Park for our honeymoon, and to experience such a place with the person I love the most in this world is something that can't be replicated.

If you would like to take a peek at my photos from my stay in yellowstone, some of them are in my print shop!

what fuels your fire?

Are you and your lover ready to have the adventure of a lifetime? If you have followed along this far, and are all about creating a stress-free, one-of-a-kind wedding day, let's get this show on the road and start planning the most memorable day of your lives.